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Scholar, author, TEDx speaker, global keynote speaker, & philomath. Lover of life, bacon, & the counter-narrative.


Dr. Kevin J Fleming is Founder & CEO of Catapult, the producer of multiple viral animation videos including Success in the New Economy, and author of the bestseller, (Re)Defining the Goal, He is a passionate advocate for ensuring all students enter the labor market with a competitive advantage.


As the Founder & CEO of Catapult, he is redefining leadership & professional development through dynamic masterclasses curated for K-16 institutions. As Innovation & Strategic Development Specialist for the Los Angeles Regional Consortium, he supports CTE & workforce development with 19 community colleges in the 17th largest economy in the world. Dr. Fleming previously served as a college Vice President and as Dean of Instruction, Career & Technical Education at Norco College. Prior, he analyzed industry trends and labor market research through the Centers of Excellence for the California Community College system; the largest public education system in America. He has founded five private-sector companies in different service sectors, plus the National Center for Supply Chain Automation funded by the National Science Foundation (Washington DC).


Dr. Kevin J Fleming is an accomplished leader with teaching & administrative experience at 4-year public, 4-year private, and 2-year public institutions. He has competitively secured/managed over $85 Million to advance economic & educational opportunity. Dr. Fleming has expertise in workforce development, education, research, educational innovation, strategic initiative execution, and career readiness. He has conducted leadership trainings for over 25 years accompanied by numerous conference presentations, his impactful TEDx talk, and published articles/books. His career activities have helped influence state legislation, district student-success initiatives, and funding allocations within 38 states/countries.


Dr. Kevin J Fleming is a faculty member, thought leader, and a recovering academic elitist. A true life-long learner, he has earned two Bachelor’s degrees from Loyola Marymount University (Psychology & Philosophy); a Master of Arts from The Ohio State University (Educational Policy & Leadership), an MBA from the University of Redlands, and a Ph.D. in Education from Claremont Graduate University...but it was his CTE industry certification in geographical information systems (GIS) that lifted him out of working poverty.


He has been honored with the Presidential Citation for Outstanding Achievement and Service from Loyola Marymount University and the Corona Chamber of Commerce “40 Under 40” award. Dr. Kevin J Fleming is a proud eagle scout, husband, father, certified etiquette trainer, has completed five marathons, and remains an active volunteer with Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity (Distinguished Alumnus Award), and his local church. Dr. Fleming works tirelessly towards an educational model that is flexible, purpose-driven, student-focused, and career-minded.  Energetic, passionate, & principled, he believes in the power of education to transform lives.

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The duration of a professional development keynote presentation is 30-150 minutes (flexible per your agenda) and may includes an animated video.  Tailored for educational, industry, community, or mixed audiences, Dr. Fleming is committed to advocating for the neglected majority of our businesses and students desperate for relevant education combined with applied skills training.

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Dr. Kevin Fleming in action. 

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In January 2022, I took a big commitment - to literally be by you and your institution's side to advance the messaging and value proposition of CTE, Work-Based Learning, and Career Readiness in YOUR community. I couldn't stand by and wait for the cavalry to save our institutions, miss another year, or punt to another fall. Putting things into action is much more complicated than discussing them. So, all the heavy lifting that needed to happen required full commitment from my side. And so, I went ALL in. I founded Catapult and launched the first "Student Recruitment & Marketing" professional development masterclass, which is still running each term. The response we received from the very beginning of the masterclass added fuel to an already intense fire to change our institutional culture. Catapult continues to turn thoughts into ideas, ideas into solutions, solutions into action. Tangible action. 

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*Each session is open for 15 institutions only or dynamic Teams of 3. 
Access is on a first-come-first-serve basis with Agreement, deposit or PO. 

Catapult delivers the most influential thought leadership, subject matter experts, and insights in the most dynamic and impactful professional development masterclasses educational institutions have ever experienced. Ignite a tipping point and transform passive support into active commitment!


Get your questions answered live with   Dr. Kevin J Fleming and find out how to catapult your institution forward, faster.

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