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How is it possible that both university graduates and unfilled job openings are both at record-breaking highs? Our world has changed. New and emerging occupations in every industry now require a combination of academic knowledge and technical ability. With rising education costs,  mounting student debt, fierce competition for jobs, and the over-saturation of some academic majors in the workforce, we need to once again guide students towards personality-aligned careers and not just into college. Extensively researched, (Re)Defining the Goal deconstructs the prevalent “one-size-fits-all” education agenda. Dr. Kevin J Fleming provides a fresh perspective, replicable strategies, and outlines six proven steps to help students secure a competitive advantage in the new economy. Gain a new paradigm and the right resources to help students avoid the pitfalls of unemployment, or underemployment, after graduation. 

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(Re)Defining the Goal - Audiobook

The educational bestseller "(Re)Defining the Goal" is now an audiobook on Audible!    Gain a new paradigm and the right resources to help students avoid the pitfalls of unemployment, or underemployment,  after graduation. 

Listen to  Length:  5 hrs and 1 min  
Narrated by: Alex Smith      
Download the "Audiobook Illustrations & Resources" document below 



Career and Technical Education Program Discontinuance in Community and Technical Colleges

The community and technical college mission requires offering  relevant Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. Board policies  are plentiful for creating new programs in alignment with workforce  needs.  However, few districts have robust policies in place to  appropriately, strategically, and effectively discontinue or replace CTE  programs.  Based upon interviews and a statewide policy analysis, this  book identifies successful CTE program discontinuance strategies  including the impact of institutional culture. Eleven practical  recommendations and best practices are outlined to appropriately  discontinue CTE programs while making optimal use of limited fiscal and  human resources.  This book provides readers with information on career  and technical education, appropriate strategies to manage the constant  churning of CTE programs, college governance, and academic  discontinuance policies.

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Student data is often presented as a snapshot in time, but Dr. Kevin J Fleming was interested in tracking students from ninth grade all the way to securing a living wage. The result of this education and labor market analysis was published by the National Science Foundation.  The revealing white paper, California's Neglected Majority: The Case for Skilled Technicians, identifies the leaky funnel in public education using approachable data and an infographic upon which all educators should reflect. 


Similar research briefs have been completed for counties, states, and districts across America. Do you really know what happens to your students upon graduation?  

It's time to find out. 


“ While all research tells a story, 
Local data is the most powerful tool for changing and evolving the narrative. ”

Kevin J Fleming Ph.D


Other areas who replicated the research

I encourage all educational institutions in America to replicate this research for their region to truly understand the educational completion and living-wage attainment of their students.


Bremerton Research Brief_The Neglected M


South Orange County's Educational Realit


The Inland Empires Neglected Majority sm
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Introduction to the Automated Warehouse is a free, interactive eTextbook serving as the essential foundational text for the Supply Chain  Technician of the 21st century.  It acquaints the reader with all of the skill sets Supply Chain Technicians must possess to be successful in an automated warehouse or distribution center.  Videos, puzzles, games,  illustrations, and interactive widgets vividly engage students while delivering the material in a way that is fun and easy-to-understand.  Edited by Dr. Kevin J Fleming, and funded by the National Science  Foundation's National Center for Supply Chain Automation, it is available for Mac or PC (PDF) users. The eTextbook's 13 chapters are suitable for both high school or community college and serves as partial preparation for MSSC’s Certified Logistics Associate (CLA) or Certified  Logistics Technician (CLT) credentials.



Preparing for the manufacturing renaissance
in America - Dr. Fleming was a contributing author to this book

Manufacturing Workforce Development Playbook could not come at a more critical time for manufacturing companies. As a manufacturer with plants in several states, I can tell you that the topics and details covered here provide guidance that is universal for all locations and opportunities. The hiring, development, and retention
of manufacturing jobs require the proactive methods presented in this Playbook. Each section takes a practical, real-world approach that is easily translated into a variety of situations.
- Kevin Myers, Director of Purchasing, Utz Quality Foods, Inc.

Manufacturing_Workforce_Dev_Playbook cov
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