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Words Are Your Superpower

Unleashing Your Illuminating Gift

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To educators, writers, artists, parents, speakers,

and learners everywhere.

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Words Are Your Superpower reminds us of the dormant potential our words have to impact the world regardless of where we stand. The eloquent writing and radiant illustrations invite us to ignite and release the illuminating gift we possess inside. Dr. Kevin Fleming empowers and emboldens our inner voice, which we too often suppress, inspiring each of us to confidently wield our language and our silence to create our future with intentionality.


Words are everywhere. They are used in conversation, email, speeches, videos, songs, and books. They are fallen seeds that, properly placed, can grow into mighty forests of love, affirmation, purpose, and possibility. While the speed of their impact is variable (they can ignite passion and inspiration in a single breath, or like termites they can slowly hollow away someone's self-worth throughout an entire lifetime) their capability for influence is undeniable.  

Have you ever stopped to ponder the immense power behind every word we speak? It's a concept that has been swirling in my mind since a pivotal moment with my daughter years ago. Join me back to the very beginning, where the seeds of "Words Are Your Superpower" were first planted. 

The Birth of
"Words Are Your Superpower"

A Behind the Scenes Look

Picture this: I'm on a flight, disconnected from the digital world, just me and my thoughts soaring through the clouds. It was during one particular moment of quiet reflection that the initial spark ignited. I found myself musing about an observation about my daughter, a mere four-year-old bundle of energy and innocence at the time. I noticed how her words and attitude could set the tone for our entire household. When she radiated joy, we all basked in its warmth and had a great day. Conversely, her moments of sadness or angst cast a shadow of negativity over us all. It was in these everyday interactions that I realized the incredible potency of words, especially hers.  Her words really affected us in a supernatural way. And thus, the concept of "Words Are Your Superpower" was born.

With the guidance of trusted confidants and the expertise of a very talented illustrator,

the project blossomed into something greater than I could have ever imagined.


It was Olivia's profound insight and artistic vision that helped to inspire the very title of our book, "Words Are Your Superpower: Unleashing Your Illuminating Gift."

You see, as Olivia delved into the initial manuscript, she found herself profoundly moved by its message; especially the part about one's silence. It brought her to tears. She recently experienced the challenges of communication firsthand due to her father's stroke which rendered him unable to speak. The theme of words as a conduit for connection struck a deeply personal chord for her. I knew right then and there I had found my illustrator.


Meet Olivia Fregoso:  The Creative Genius

It was this emotional resonance that fueled Olivia's creative process, infusing each brushstroke with a depth of feeling that is palpable in every illustration. Her artistic vision of words as light, illuminating gradually throughout the book, is what helped us choose the final title.

During the early stages of development, Olivia presented two distinct design options for the artwork. The first concept featured a winged firefly as the main character. Words were to be compared to light. The goal here was to use scenery and individual moments to illustrate sowing, reaping, inspiring, building, evoking, and transmitting. Proposed character images:

The second concept, which was ultimately chosen, depicted a woodland creature (human) journeying through each season along with secondary characters (seeds; with characteristics of branches, leaves, and mushrooms). Here are some of those initial proposal concept drawings:


Working with an artist like Olivia was an absolute joy. After the completion of the book, I felt compelled to preserve her original artwork in a special way. I purchased from her a few of the original watercolor images, and I took the paintings to have them expertly framed. They now adorn the walls of my home office with their beauty. It's a constant reminder of the journey we've embarked upon together, and a source of inspiration for the future. And someday, I hope to pass these cherished pieces down to my daughter, ensuring that the legacy of "Words Are Your Superpower" lives on for generations to come.


Words Are Your Superpower
Comes to Life

The original, static watercolor paintings that graced the pages of our book have been lovingly scanned and digitally transformed into animated masterpieces. Every stroke, every hue, every subtle nuance has been brought to life in stunning detail, creating an immersive experience that truly captures the essence of our story.

Illuminate Their Future
Give the Gift of
"Words Are Your Superpower"

The animated video was directed by none other than a talented CTE alumni from Citrus College (CA), Brian Y. Marsh, whose creative vision and technical expertise have breathed new life into our beloved tale.

The original score was composed by CTE faculty member Brady Kerr from Norco College (CA). The forward-moving music serves as the perfect backdrop to our narrative and illustrations, evoking emotions and enhancing the video's experience.

In a world brimming with potential and possibility, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of choices and challenges that lie ahead. But within the pages of "Words Are Your Superpower," your students and loved ones will discover a guiding light that illuminates the path to greatness.

But don't just take my word for it – "Words Are Your Superpower" has already been embraced by educators, leaders, and visionaries alike. This past fall, Superintendent Bishop of the Redding School District shared our message of empowerment in a heartfelt "back to school" message to her entire district. You can watch her inspiring delivery here.

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