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Passionate about helping all learners intentionally equip their potential and enter the labor market with a competitive advantage, see what fans of author, keynote, and educator Kevin J. Fleming have to say.  

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Kevin… once again your clarity matches your exceptional energy and presentation skills. I remember Bill Daggett would inspire educators years ago… they would say “wow” just as I do now watching you gently nudge us with deep conviction that we have a way… may you reach the millions who deserve to see this message. - Rich Feller Ph.D.

Kevin Fleming ripples in a pond through infinity. - Bob Kerr




Stop. Ask me what confirmed to me that education is on the wrong track and what could get it on the right path? Kevin J Fleming is the answer!

This was great and very inspiring. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge with us. It has inspired me to keep moving forward and make a change in our community.​

We are school counselors we only have so much power, control back at our school sites, I definitley would want this presentation to my teachers and administrators.

It was a positive poke. Listening to Kevin Fleming has awaken my reason and passion for counseling. Thank you. I had forgotten why I love what I do.

Kevin’s session provided the immediate need to switch gears and focus on WBL/CTE/Work Readiness and Apprenticeships. Student centered class requires tactical lessons/ World of Work to provided next steps after graduation.

I attended a session today that challenged me to rethink the way that I think, and revolutionize the way I do business.

Inspiring and helpful to reflect on our approach of how to support our students for career exploration and postsecondary plans.

Great information! A new, more personal, testimonial to the value of CTE in today's world. I absolutely loved the "Work can lead to College" approach that deviates from the "one or the other" stance.

If your feeling stuck with where we are in education, his presentation is inspiring with real data and actionable items.

My favorite keynote!

This was a motivational presentation and provided excellent resources (books, videos, Facebook groups) that will help as educators work with high school students to inspire them to develop their desired post-school goals. Thank you so much!

Dr. Fleming, thank you so much for the insightful information and the reference to a variety of tools that will provide invaluable ways to expand the knowledge for the future as workforce competitors.  -  R. Taylor. TN

I am very moved by your book and me and my staff are currently in a book study. Thank you for your work!! - Michael C


“Wow - Kevin is a wealth of resources and information!!! I cannot wait to watch the recording AGAIN (I NEVER say that!!) - Debbie B.


“Charming and forward thinking. Well done. One of the best keynote speakers I’ve ever heard!” - Kelly R.


“Can’t wait to share highlights and all the links with other teachers! Lots of new information and new ways of looking at education in the future. We need to do better for our students.” - Maxine P.


“Great presentation today. This was the most realistic presentation I’ve heard since I’ve come back to college.” College Student Trustee


Dr. Fleming-Just a quick note to thank you for a wonderful presentation at the Re-Defining Apprenticeship meeting on June 2nd this past week. I have especially enjoyed your life stories. I am reading your book that I won and I find it timely and very much on point. Although I have not finished reading your book yet, I believe it should be required reading for all counselors, teachers, administrators, parents and even some students. Please understand this is not coming from a CTE teacher at a community college but rather from a parent who has 3 adult kids in college currently. 

Thank you, 

George Bonnand


So inspired this morning at Day 2 of the Lancaster STEM Alliance Workforce Summit. Keynote speaker Kevin J Fleming, Ph.D. gave a phenomenal talk that has me so excited about “purpose-driven education” - Sara Atwood, Dean of Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, Elizabethtown College


Thank you so much for an amazing Keynote Address. As I expected, your message was clear, relevant and engaging. You are a local hero in Lancaster to those of us working to bring education and industry closer through work-based learning!   Sandy Strunk, Lancaster County STEM Alliance


“This is the first time we’ve have a guest speaker that provided a message with substance”. John R.


The information Dr. Fleming shared was timely and relevant and has sparked many ideas and further conversation. Thank you!  - Joy G. Bureau of Juvenile Justice Services


Thank you Kevin for everything you've done to inspire us to go out and be disruptive! - Jocelin D. Work Site Developer


An inspirational and transformative leader! Cassandra R., Counselor


Amazing day today meeting Kevin Fleming. His keynote on CTE was  amazing and invigorating. His passion for CTE and expanding opportunities for high school students is unrivaled .  I’m ready to dive into his book and expand the CTE options for my students!  - Patricia S. Assistant Principal


I appreciate Dr. Fleming’s disruptive perspective and enthusiasm. If you get a chance to hear him, do not pass! - Chris S., CTE teacher, LAUSD

Kevin Fleming has a very entertaining approach to statistical information impacting the lives of students. His presentations active, engaging and thought-provoking!!

Carol Allbaugh

Project Manager, CTE Community Collaborative, SBCCD

A labor market workshop that finally connects with how we can best support our students.   Kevin’s workshop, “Other Ways to Win” challenged my perceptions, my attitudes and my beliefs about what we are be doing to prepare students for their career pathways and for success in the job market.  Whether a student is going to work after graduating from high school or going to a community college or university, ALL students have to prepare to go to work and “Other Ways to Win” showed us that there are options students have in making those choices.

Raul Rodriguez

Interim Director, Counseling


Kevin’s powerful message sends shock waves crashing over the storm walls built by the "lets-all-go-to-college" consortium.  I am thankful he conducted all that research and made his presentation so compelling.

Merrill Heim

Adjunct Professor, Career Counseling Class

Thank you for your much needed presentation today. Your presentation resonated with me because it’s relevant to my field and I can see the need to shift the way I approach my job first hand. I appreciated your honesty, the examples throughout and your emphasis to shake our mindsets up. I am only disappointed I ran out of time to get your signature for my book.

The Students need & have to hear you speak in person!! And it does need to start at the 9th grade & not 11th & 12th!! Most of our students in LAUSD are low income & have to work & pay their rent first!! Our CTE CLASSES ARE NOT A REQUIREMENT!!

The best key note speaker in a long time. I resonate with his ideas and he was inspiring!! If education could change needs to change! But I can be the change My approach to counsel my students can and will change. I want to reach the students who have no idea what they want to do except they don’t want to go to college!

We need to encourage students to explore career options and encourage them to focus on redefining our metrics and the way we are measuring student success. Our end goal is to expose students to opportunities for them to search and discover what they are good at in order to find true purpose and passion along the way!

Confirmation of my belief that our education of one size fits all is antiquated and we need to change the message we send kids about future options and what is needed to be successful, productive, financially secure and fulfilled in a purpose driven career and life.

Kevin was funny and interesting. He has a good story and a powerful message. After his talk I feel inspired to learn more and improve my work with students. He gives me a lot of hope for the future of education and career development.

Informative - I was sending links to tools shared at todays talk to my Counseling Team that is back at work making me think and re-think our Jump Start to College workshops that we facilitate to our 11th graders

Engaging and motivating presentations that helps to revamp an outdated education system with innovative creative and adaptive approaches that ultimately lead to human development as the goal for our students.

Inspiring perspective on looking at how educators can pivot their approaches to helping youth look at education, opportunity, the path to post secondary education, and the world of work in an innovative way.

Kevin was extremely engaging and gave real life examples of the benefits of raising the next generation to think outside of the education to work to retirement mode. Putting in effort can lead to passion.

Dynamic speaker. Great power point, connected well with the audience. Made it relevant and practical. Helpful resources.

Changing the paradigm- helping our students to find their passion, purpose, and career exploration that works for them. I’d encourage anyone to attend future training because for each person it’s going to resonate differently. Let’s be disrupters of change!

Finally someone that is speaking on the reality of what students are facing and how the education system is not preparing them to succeed. Dr. Fleming speaks on things that can be done to better prepare students with purpose.

You must read Mr. Fleming's books watch videos and attend his seminars before you discourage students from getting CTE certificates. Open your mind and heart about CTE. Students deserve to be informed.

This is was so inspirational and informative this will help you both build your students better. Build your teaching better and help the kids in your own life make better decisions for their future.

Amazing! There is value-added to listening to Dr. Fleming’s presentation and reading his book!

Surprisingly fun, eye-opening, engaging, and inspiring. Definitely made me realize how unproductive I’ve been. LOL

Dynamic, dynamic inspiring and engaging! He’s the champion that CTE needs!

Empowering and spot on to the direction that education should be takings.

Dr. Fleming’s session is to describe how the educational system needs to be relevant and skills-based rather than just a form that students check off if they’re on track to graduate.

Dr. Fleming’s session is to describe how the educational system needs to be relevant and skills-based rather than just a form that students check off if they’re on track to graduate.

It’s time to learn how to integrate work based learning with the foundations of education.

This session helped me understand how important our profession is to our communities

Very informative and given me more ideas to help my students achieve their goals.

A great way to redefine our educational goals that are relevant and realistic.

It was eye opening as far as how our work industry expectations will be changing in the future. It was also inspiring to be a part of that change. Presentation was engaging.

We need to have a key group of Advanced Stakeholders such as Kevin, helping legislators in Sacramento understand our statewide goals better. All of California and especially Southern CA, needs strong advocates for CTE and education.

Phenomenal and inspiring presentation! Kevin's message truly synthesizes the power of CTE and the impact on our students lives! Discover your passion through effort and commitment!

Knowledgeable, insightful and passionate but mostly he really cares.


Kevin’s presentation is equal parts informative, motivating and challenging.

Inspiring and informative. This session helped me to rethink how students are oftentimes misguided by selecting a career that is not necessarily what they can do.

Thank you for your insights and living out your life purposefully as created by our Heavenly Father. Continue to encourage and strengthen the lives of others.

Inspiring, and will help shift your focus on how to guide a student and the programs they are a part of.

Very insightful and valuable. Eye opening and made me want to go back to my school site and help others learn what I learned this morning.

It was inspiring and helpful to hear about how we need to shift the way we speak to students (and educators) about college AND career.

Words matter and Kevin has a inspiring, humorous and interactive way of exciting how. And his children's book is wonderful.

Dr. Fleming is the hope for reform in Education to create a system that is in the best interest of students and industry.

Kevin is a great speaker who touches on very relevant subjects pertaining to education and specifically CTE.

Kevin has this incredible energy and enthusiasm for his work. He truly sees the value of CTE and believes CTE is for ALL students. He provides actionable steps teachers, counselors, and administrators can implement to enhance CTE Pathways and Work-based Learning Experiences. Everyone involved in helping students find their future should hear Kevin’s presentation. I learn something new every time!

Loved the part about learning and working goes hand in hand and all along your life journey.

Kevin offered amazing insight into where the nation is and where we are heading in terms of educational background and careers. He described the importance of credentials and certifications along with or possibly instead of formal education.

Words have meanings. Let Kevin’s word change the way we educate and raise our students.

Good inspiration, different perspective, valuable, should share with the school board.

I first met Dr. Fleming in the pages of his book Maintaining Strategic Relevance.  I was immediately impressed with his honest and refreshing assessment of the approach higher education must embrace in the age of Industry 4.0 and future of work.  And, then, I had the privilege of meeting Kevin and working with him on several projects as a Career Education Dean in the California Community College system.  Whenever I have the opportunity, I seek Kevin out for his services and he always delivers beyond my imagination.


Dr. Fleming is one of the leading voices in education today on the value of a career education.  As more and more Fortune 500 companies prioritize skill attainment for employment, Kevin’s message on the value of a skills based education continues to be impactful and empowering for today’s student.


Kevin brings two value propositions to the work he accomplishes.  On the one hand, he has a passion for communicating to students and families the realities of how to attain a college education that is centered on purpose for career and life success.   On the other hand, he is a brilliant strategist in bringing higher education and industry together to build the employment supply pipelines required for competitive advantage in a global economy.    His messages are authentic, engaging, and inspiring.


What impresses me most about Kevin is that he realizes and embraces that the value of person is not found solely in the degree that they hold or the job that they perform, but is on the value of living out the purposes they have been called to.

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