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Words are everywhere. They are used in conversation, email, speeches, videos, songs, and books. They are fallen seeds that, properly placed, can grow into mighty forests of love, affirmation, purpose, and possibility. While the speed of their impact is variable (they can ignite passion and inspiration in a single breath, or like termites they can slowly hollow away someone's self-worth throughout an entire lifetime) their capability for influence is undeniable.


Words Are Your Superpower reminds us of the dormant potential our words have to impact the world regardless of where we stand. The eloquent writing and radiant illustrations invite us to ignite and release the illuminating gift we possess inside. Dr. Kevin Fleming empowers and emboldens our inner voice, which we too often suppress, inspiring each of us to confidently wield our language and our silence to create our future with intentionality.


In a world brimming with potential and possibility, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of choices and challenges that lie ahead. But within the pages of "Words Are Your Superpower," you (and your students and loved ones) will discover a guiding light that illuminates the path to greatness.


There's no better gift than one that inspires, empowers, and ignites the spark of possibility within.

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